my Quality Promise

I feel passionate about providing high quality products that, with proper care, can be enjoyed for decades. If you buy directly from me, you can expect your print to be produced with the below materials.

All bordered art prints and size A6 are reproduced on high quality papers that boast brilliant colour and laser sharp details. Sizes A6 up to 30x40cm are printed on finely textured 285gsm fine art paper that is 100% acid free. These can last that can last 85+ years. Sizes larger than 30x40cm are printed on 240gsm high quality matte paper that can last 50+ years.

All borderless prints (starting A5 size) are printed on 250gsm subtly hammered paper that is FSC certified. It has a lovely tactile element and is sturdy.

I only use genuine Canon pigment inks. They are more humidity, UV and ozone resistant than normal dye inks, so they last longer without noticeable fading.

TLC goes a long way

To ensure your new prints last as long and beautifully as possible, follow these tips:

❤ Display them away from direct sunlight.

❤ Be careful with displaying in humid environments, such as bathrooms, as moisture can get trapped behind the glass. It helps to keep the area well ventilated.

❤ Do not display very close to heat sources, such as radiators.

❤ Display in rooms with consistent room temperature; avoid rooms with high temperature fluctuations.

don't forget the Packaging!

Your art should not come at the expense of our lovely Earth!

All packaging materials are plastic-free, and are additionally either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

Prints are shipped flat inside hardbacked envelopes wherever possible. Large prints (larger than A3) will be will be wrapped in glassine paper and rolled into a mailing tube. Glassine paper is water and grease resistant, and is recyclable.